Life is Full of Interruptions...

If you’ve been following my chakra series, you know we’re up to the sixth chakra: the beautiful indigo Ajna chakra. For the astute yogi, energy healer, and empath, it may be obvious what was going on with me before this Mother’s Day when my gallbladder decided to have an issue and I suffered from an abdominal hematoma, but it took me a little longer to catch on. I spent the holiday in the ER under the knife to stop the bleeding and, nearly the whole time, I kept thinking about the chakra insights this moment was providing.

Of course, there were all the other staples of an unexpected hospital stay - fear, discomfort, more fear, regret, confusion, loneliness (my husband had to stay home with the kids), and, of course, doubt - but since earning my Yin certification and uncovering some of the secrets surrounding those mystical change makers called chakras - the centers that move and bind our energies - I found something else was present with me in the hospital: the insight to understand what was really going on inside of me and the language to talk about it with you.

In medical terminology, I suffered a hematoma (a collection of internal bleeding not dissimilar from a bruise inside your body) as an unforeseen result of the car accident I told you about earlier in this blog. But, when the hematoma continued bleeding and the blood loss climbed to dangerous levels, the doctors had some decisions to make. Surgery always comes with risk - the risk of infection, reestablishing healthy blood pressure, you name it - so my doctors first put these sandbag sort-of-things on my body to increase the pressure on the internal wounds and hopefully avoid putting me under. When that wasn’t successful, the esteemed doctors and staff of Ohio Health, to whom I am so grateful, scrubbed in and fixed the problem.

Often, in Western medicine, we don’t treat an issue until after there’s a problem. We performed a drastic surgery after my gallbladder sprang a leak; but, in Eastern traditions, it is all about prevention. My energies have been calling for balance, but I just couldn’t see it. Literally. During this entire frightful experience, in the middle of the night and in the ER, I was without my glasses - and friends, I can barely see with them. So, as I was going through this trauma of the gallbladder and was disconnected from my sight, the revelation dawned on me that the real cause behind the rushing doctors and concerned nurses was that my third chakra was blocked.

For the logicians and medically minded amongst us, they may immediately dismiss this connection of mine as self-affirming or simply as a foo-foo metaphysical connection, but I would say to those wonderful people that their world and this one aren’t mutually exclusive: they exist in tandem. Just as the West and East are on the same planet and are both valid and can both proudly say they are part of the Earth, so, too, are the chakras and traditional medicine part of healing the body, and sometimes making it sick.

Consider my blog entry from several weeks ago on the third chakra and see if it sounds familiar … “The solar plexus chakra [The third chakra or Manipura] is located halfway between the navel and rib cage. It is associated with the … gallbladder… [t]he sense it effects the most is our sight and our eyes.” Suffice it to say, as my gallbladder was bleeding uncontrollably and while I was all-but-blind surrounded by strangers trying to save me, I knew that my third chakra needed my attention and over the next few hours and days, I listened.