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Yoga for All!

“Breathe. Reflect. Be one, in the present moment, and at peace.” This might not sound like anything controversial, but in many modern public schools, the practice of yoga has been banned. In Alabama, however, things are changing. Officials and representatives there have been fighting to bring yoga back to the classroom in the form of a bill, despite the opposition that has been firmly against it for some time now. But who would be against a healthy and peaceful practice like

Breath Series

"Be aware of your breathing ... notice how this takes away from your thinking and creates ... space" - Eckhart Tolle Breathing is the most important part of a yoga practice. Your breath in yoga is your compass and your energy. In yoga we refer to the breath as Pranayama breath, prana meaning “life energy or life force.” By learning how to breath, you affect your life energy. By changing the breath we can directly change how we feel. Your breath is your ticket into your presen

Life is Full of Interruptions...

If you’ve been following my chakra series, you know we’re up to the sixth chakra: the beautiful indigo Ajna chakra. For the astute yogi, energy healer, and empath, it may be obvious what was going on with me before this Mother’s Day when my gallbladder decided to have an issue and I suffered from an abdominal hematoma, but it took me a little longer to catch on. I spent the holiday in the ER under the knife to stop the bleeding and, nearly the whole time, I kept thinking abou

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