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Yoga for All!

“Breathe. Reflect. Be one, in the present moment, and at peace.” This might not sound like anything controversial, but in many modern public schools, the practice of yoga has been banned. In Alabama, however, things are changing. Officials and representatives there have been fighting to bring yoga back to the classroom in the form of a bill, despite the opposition that has been firmly against it for some time now. But who would be against a healthy and peaceful practice like yoga in schools? Well, yoga triggers certain groups because, according to Alabama lawmaker Jeremy Gray, “it hits at the intersection of some combustible issues — religion, culture and children’s education” and for this reason “the yoga bill has captured outsize news media attention.”

Whatever your position on the issue, and given that you’re reading this blog I can guess what that might be, yoga is a freeing practice that can open minds, clear hearts and trauma, and renew the spirit – no matter your faith, allegiance, or demographic. Yoga is for all and it is a gift that you can practice this very moment in your living room. It requires no expensive equipment or membership, just the air in your lungs and a space for your feet. Basic meditation and breath work, or even a simple pose or two, can serve to focus the mind, embolden the heart, or even hone your senses before a big test. What this means is, it is a mistake to politicize a beautiful, safe, and holistic practice that heals and nurture the mind, body, spirit connection, especially when children can benefit from its practice as much as adults.

To those who are unfamiliar with yoga and its benefits, I say, give it a try. America was founded on the Christian faith, but you don’t have to be a Christian to inhabit this land, love its principals, or enjoy the fruits of it’s bounty – yoga is just like that, it may have come from the Hindu tradition, but you don’t need to follow that faith to learn, grow, and reap the rewards of your flow.



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