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Green and Purple Succulents
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About the Founder

Shakila Ali

Yogi and Wellness Specialist

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My name is Shakila Ali and for 19 years I’ve been a corporate banker and senior executive. I spent much of my adult life chasing the American dream and the mighty dollar. Then one day I found a yoga mat and my illusion of what life was about changed forever through yoga and breathwork.


I first came to yoga for the physical benefits hoping to lose weight and become more fit.  Not only did my body become stronger and healthier, but I also lost 30 lbs by incorporating yoga into my life with a proper diet. That wasn’t all, the spiritual teachings that pervade yoga resonated with me. Today my yoga practice has become a natural lifestyle instead of an exercise program. A yoga mat is a place to find a sense of contentment, self-awareness and to foster the mind-body connection. Yoga is not about imposing a form on yourself, it is about discovering yourself through a form.


When I decided to enroll in teacher training, I only hoped to deepen my own practice. As life would have it, I was in a serious car accident and had to relearn yoga with modification and props. Yet again, yoga saved my life with breath and movement. Yoga helped me regain my body again, and with each inhalation and pose, life was breathed back into me.  The more I have learned and grown as a yogi, the more my intention has turned to teach the practice I love to others.


As a teacher, I have realized that yoga is not a "one size fits all" practice and that every person is on a different path. I offer students the opportunity to take that path in their own way and at their own pace. I encourage students to modify poses when needed and to honor how they feel at all times. I find immense joy, satisfaction, and inspiration in watching students discover their own personal yoga journey and hope to nurture and encourage as many people as possible along their path.


I have both Vinyasa and Yin certifications and as I expand my yoga circle I will build my wealth of knowledge in restorative yoga. My journey is to help you as you begin your journey to peace and contentment. Yoga is for everyone and I'd be honored to help you grow into your freedom one pose at a time.


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