Unleash Your Inner Warrior

Updated: Nov 15, 2019

Warrior 2 - Distinguished Hero

When we do any of Warrior poses, we are attempting to embody the inner qualities of the revered warrior archetype. Some of these warrior qualities are empowerment, courage, clarity, and non-attachment.

Standing Your Ground

Finding our inner power (em-powerment) is an essential yoga aspect cultivated in the warrior poses. We can discover this palpably by learning to “stand our ground” – physically connecting to the earth’s foundation beneath us.


Beyond the physical aspects, standing our ground cultivates presence; being here, present in this moment and in this body and breathing life into all experience. A Warrior must, at all times, be present, ready for anything that may arise. When we are truly grounded, we are in that present moment, at one with whatever is happening. We are honest with what we observe, and make adjustments, whether in the position of the feet in Virabhadrasana II or in how to discuss something emotionally intense with someone.

Own Your Power

Two women practicing yoga in a studio