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Life is Full of Interruptions...

If you’ve been following my chakra series, you know we’re up to the sixth chakra: the beautiful indigo Ajna chakra. For the astute yogi, energy healer, and empath, it may be obvious what was going on with me before this Mother’s Day when my gallbladder decided to have an issue and I suffered from an abdominal hematoma, but it took me a little longer to catch on. I spent the holiday in the ER under the knife to stop the bleeding and, nearly the whole time, I kept thinking abou


Distractions. They happen to everyone. One moment you’re locked in tight - focused on a task - and then an email, a phone call for help on a project, your kids fighting over the remote, or even a colleague unconsciously breaking your chain of thought and...BOOM. You’ve lost the client, the game, the sale, the respect of a friend or, in my case, you’re bleeding all over the kitchen. I was cutting up slices of carrots for my kids’ snack after a go-go-go kinda day - that was ver

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