If You're Feeling Lost, Look Here First: Chakras 1 and 2 (Muladhara and Svadhisthana)

Chakra 1 … Grow Your Roots 🌱 The first chakra is also called the root chakra, or Muladhara. The color red is connected with this root chakra and is symbolized by a four-petal lotus. The root chakra is located at the base of the spine, near the perineum, and is associated with the base of the spine, legs, feet, bones, and large intestine. This chakra forms the foundation of the survival instinct. If you think of the center of a flower as the essence of that flower, the same center correlation can be made to the essence in each of us: our sexuality.

Grounding is essential in the root chakra, as we consider this root chakra to be connected to the earth as an element. Many of the issues one might encounter if the root chakra is blocked or closed include: trust, overall health, appropriate boundaries, sense of home, and family. Individuals that have reported issues with poor focus, boundaries, and discipline suffer from a blocked root chakra. Others have experienced disconnection from their body due to physical or sexual trauma. There can also be issues with one's legs, feet, knees, disorders of the bowel or intestines, and eating disorders. Additionally, fear of change and excessive need for security are signs of a blocked or closed root chakra. Affirmation is one way to aid the clearing of some of these blockages. The affirmation I would like you to focus on is: “I LIVE.”

Starting out loud, vocalize: I live my life with passion. I am safe and secure in this life. I have courage and strength. I love my body and trust its wisdom. A meditation to support your healing of the root chakra is: Visualize the qualities you desire to make you feel whole here: courage, strength, forgiveness, foundation / security and prosperity. Imagine all these energies streaming into you from your root earth and filling you up with this sweet security. Breathe in here and fill your belly, lungs, and chest … breathe out focusing on your root chakra ... at your perineum. Every inhalation... every exhalation ... feel that crimson red energy enveloping your body from root to crown. Now think and repeat: I trust my life supports me in fulfilling my purpose. Today is a new day ... let's heal.

Chakra 2 … Let's Find Our Dwelling The second chakra is called the sakral chakra, or Svadhisthana. The color orange is connected with this sweet chakra and is symbolized by a six-petal lotus. The sakral chakra is located in the lower abdomen (pubic region) from the front body or at the end of the tailbone from the back body. Take 4 fingers above your genitalia and you are right on this area. It is associated with the hips, lower back, genitals, bladder, kidneys, and, for women, the womb. Physically, this chakra governs our reproduction; mentally, it rules creativity; emotionally, it supports joy and spiritually, it oversees enthusiasm.