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Chakra 5: Being Understood

An open 5th Chakra allows us to express our truth as well as amplify our inner voices.

So ask yourself:


Are you speaking your truth?

Are you listening to your intuition?

What is the universe saying to you … can you hear it?


The fifth chakra is the throat chakra or the Vishuddha Chakra. The color blue is connected with this communication chakra and is symbolized by a sixteen-petal lotus. The Vishuddha chakra is located in your neck region at your throat. It is associated with thyroid gland, throat, jaw areas, lungs and vocal cords.

Physically, this chakra governs our communication skills, while emotionally it supports our creative expression and manages our symbolic thinking. It is the center from which self-expression and creativity are governed.

Sounds and audible expressions are essential in the Vishuddha chakra as we consider this chakra to be connected to sounds as an element. Many of the issues one might encounter if the Vishuddha is blocked or closed include: fear of speaking, difficulty putting feelings into words, introversion/shyness, poor rhythm and small or weak voice. Individuals that have reported issues with tightness of one's jaw, disorders of the throat, ears, voice or neck might be suffering from a blocked Vishuddha chakra.

Others have experienced disconnection from their body due to experiences of verbal abuse, excessive criticism, lies or mixed messages, secrets and threats for sharing them, and alcoholic or chemical dependent family members.

If this chakra's challenges have landed for you, the work that needs to be accomplished here is: singing, storytelling, journaling, body work to loosen the neck and shoulders. Release your voice by working on communication skills, letter writing, inner-child communications, and identifying non-goal oriented creative opportunities.

Affirmation is one way to aid the clearing of some of these blockages. The affirmation I would like you to focus on is: “I can speak."


Starting out loud, vocalize:

"I hear and speak the truth. I express myself with clear intent.

Creativity flows in and through me.

My voice is necessary."


A meditation to support your healing of the Vishuddha chakra is:

Focus on bringing energy up through your feet with every inhale. Flow the energy through each of your four previous chakras and up to your throat. With each deep inhale, imagine a blue energy glowing around your throat growing bigger and bigger. Exhale all negativity and blocks from the throat and replace them with vibrant blue energy. You may feel your throat muscles loosening up and might even burp or gasp. This is perfectly normal. Focus on breathing energy into your throat as long as you feel necessary and your throat feels open and relaxed. Repeat after me, “I have a voice, I can speak, I deserve to be heard.”

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